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Deep Root Fertilizing in the Greater Toronto Area

Trees live longer, stay healthy and have better resistance to diseases and drought if they are well nourished. Pro Climb Tree Service provides deep root fertilizing in the Greater Toronto Area to keep your trees strong and healthy. It is a useful process for trees and shrubs that grow in lawns or have other vegetation and ground covers around them.

How Does It Work?

The liquid fertilizer is pressure-injected into the roots of the tree or shrub in a grid pattern. Its slow-release action doesn’t burn the delicate feeding roots and helps aerate the soil. It provides the much-needed oxygen to the root system by opening up air pockets. This method also helps with soil compaction.

In order to provide optimum benefits to the trees and shrubs, the fertilizer is injected below the roots. If the fertilizer is applied to the surface, the fibrous roots and ground covers utilize all the nutrients. As a result, the deeper sub-surface soil layer where the roots reside doesn’t get the nutrients required for nourishment.

For more information about deep root feeding and fertilizing, contact us.

Free On-site Estimate

We will assess the species, size and location of the tree and provide the quote.

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