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Hedge and Shrub Trimming Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Add beauty and a touch of elegance to your landscape with our hedge trimming services. Pro Climb Tree Service offers hedge and shrub trimming services in the Greater Toronto Area. They are an integral part of the landscape framework and can be used as natural partition walls. But it can be time-consuming and tiring to maintain your hedges and shrubs. Don’t worry; we have the right equipment and personnel for the task. Trimming your shrubs and hedges is necessary to maintain the health and growth of the plant. 

Untrimmed shrubs and hedges can get messy, crowded, grow too tall or have bare spots. Pro Climb Tree Service can clean them up for you. Whether you want your hedge shaped or trimmed, we will take care of it. We recommend that you trim your hedges twice a year, depending on their growth.
For a free on-site estimate, call us now.

Free On-site Estimate

We will assess the species, size and location of the tree and provide the quote.

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