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Tree Removal & Maintenance in the Greater Toronto Area

Pro Climb Tree Service provides tree removal services in the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to the longevity and preservation of trees. Our team has various strategies to keep your trees healthy and promote growth and stability. These techniques may include trimming branches or deep root feeding. But tree removal is a better alternative when compared to the preservation of plant life in the following situations:

Weather damage (as a result of a storm and/or high winds)
Damage from human activity/interaction
When the tree is a risk to buildings and adjacent properties
Soil compaction

Emergency Tree Removal Services

 A tree becomes unstable and weak when it reaches the end of its natural life cycle, or due to high levels of pollution or when it experiences storm damage. If a tree is at risk of damaging your home or other properties and beyond repair, tree removal is your best option. Call now for a free on-site estimate. Our arborists will determine the right course of action for your tree.

Free On-site Estimate

We will assess the species, size and location of the tree and provide the quote.

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